I love what Hillview Farms is doing to provide Sydney with farm fresh chemical free seasonal food grown by Australian farmers, and to pay the farmers a fairer price for their hard work!

So I spend time weekly at their Hornsby Thursday stall and engage customers with healthy talk about food quality and ethics. 

There’s something special about the freshness and taste of the Hillview produce that keeps customers coming back.


More people and children would eat more vegetables if they tasted better! One of the Hornsby Thursday market regular customers told me how much her young children love the coloured cauliflowers.

They are growers you can have a positive relationship with, and they like feedback: appreciation when you’ve enjoyed their food and constructive criticism if something has disappointed.


It’s through talking with and eye-balling each other that we really get to know what’s going on down on the farms and in our local communities.​

Contact me to find out more about Hillview Farms and avoiding agricultural chemical exposure

Healthy Fund Raising Opportunities


Looking for a healthy school fundraiser that won't disrupt school room behaviour with sugar highs and lows?

A school P&C can register with Hillview Farms to receive a donation of 10% of online order values placed by the school, parents or other community members who wish to support the school. 


Food charities (and other community organisations) can also register with Hillview Farms to receive donations. 


These monies can help to pay for operational expenses and purchases of better quality food.