• Ann Taylor

Potassium phosphate - the nerve nutrient

Potassium phosphate (Kali Phos) is found in all body tissues and fluids, especially in brain and nerve cells. It combines with albumen and uses oxygen to form nerve-fluid, which is the grey matter of our brain. Hence it is vital to brain function and nerve transmission, and a balanced stress response.

“The grey matter throughout the central nervous system allows enables individuals to control movement, memory, and emotions. Different areas of the brain are responsible for various functions, and grey matter plays a significant role in all aspects of human life”

(Mercadante A and Tadi P, 2021).

A balanced nervous system, in which we should be in parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) state most of the time, supports healthy brain function and emotional stability and enables greater physical health through controlling healthy digestion, detoxification and immune function – calming inflammation and reducing pain. Our parasympathetic nervous system:

  • activates our ability to relax and heal

  • directs blood flow to organs of digestion and detoxification

  • slows heart rate

  • normalises breathing

  • calms anxiety and depression.

Stress management is easier when our bodies are replete with Kali Phos!

Vegetables, fruits and grains are rich in potassium phosphate, but when suffering from deficiency, the tissue salt #5 Kali Phos 6X can be used to supply the deficiency.

  • It has a natural tranquilising effect:

Deficiency in Kali Phos leaves one more emotionally vulnerable and sensitive to overstimulation, leading to more nervous tension, pessimism, irritability, anxiety, low mood and vitality; and greater risk of developing depression and other mood disorders and brain dysfunction. It can calm excessive motor movements and hyperactivity behaviours caused by overstimulation.

  • It helps repair damaged nerves:

When Kali Phos is lacking in the motor nerves, the nerve response is weakened, which can cause numbness, pain or paralysis arising from deficient nerve supply to parts of the body.

  • It supports metabolism and digestion of fat

It helps correct indigestion and cleanse putrefactive conditions in an overloaded, infected bowel.

  • It has an antiseptic action on body tissue

It prevents excessive accumulation of toxins from degenerative processes and hence preventing progressive tissue breakdown.

  •  It is a cardio tonic:

Flow of Kali Phos in and out of heart cells helps regulate heart beat. Hypokalemia (low blood potassium) can result in heart palpitations or arrythmias.

Now, sodium chloride (Nat Mur) is needed in right balance with Kali Phos, for the sodium-potassium pump (Na+/K+ ATPase pump) to work, for potassium to be taken up into cells. Hence the importance of reducing intakes of excessive added dietary salt and the value of using natural salts and the tissue salt #8 Nat Mur 6X to provide properly balanced minerals.

If you are aware that you have an innate nervous temperament generally, then you would do well to support yourself as consistently as possible with dietary habits that nourish you with foods rich in Kali Phos; lifestyle habits that are calming and not overstimulating; and with prophylactic use of Kali Phos, generally 2 Tabs #5 Kali Phos 6X, 4X – 6X, daily.

I am aware of my sensitive nature, so now I keep a bottle on my desk, and have a bottle in my bag for when I am out and about, and more exposed potentially to overstimulation and electomagnetic radiation. I take the prophylactic dose, and extra at night before bedtime as I consider how well this may help alleviate my tinnitus symptoms.

I have compiled a summary of conditions that benefit from tissue salt remedies using #5 Kali Phos 6X, inclusive of: emotional distress; neurological symptoms; vision and hearing problems; digestive problems; cardiovascular problems; respiratory problems; urinary problems; female menstrual problems; male virility problems; skin conditions; chronic fatigue; malodorous conditions, fever management and healing of necrotic tissue. Do you think this could be an essential or valuable addition to your health management toolbox?

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