• Ann Taylor

Anaemia is more than an iron deficiency - a case for biochemic tissue salt therapy

Six year old girl with complaints including frequent body ache, headaches, extremely clumsy, diarrhoea, tummy pains, blood test results showing suboptimally low ferritin, (oxygen) saturation and red cell count and very low haemoglobin and haematocrit i.e. not making red blood cells well or may be losing blood. She also has a history of eczema and dairy intolerance. Not a client, so I do not have her detailed health history, but I shared with her mother a tissue salt perspective, with this summary of two key biochemic tissue salt minerals I think could be helpful: #2 Calc Phos 6X and #3 Ferrum Phos 12X.

Calcium phosphate (Calc Phos) is needed in every cell, particularly in bone, red marrow, connective tissue, lymphatic glands, mucus membranes and the gastrointestinal tract. It is needed:

  • to bind with albumin in our bone and other body tissues; unbound albumin, as a result of Calc Phos deficiency, is excreted e.g. as catarrh or eczema;

  • to build all new cells, including red blood cells; hence chronic deficiency leads to anaemia and consequences of poor circulation and delivery of oxygen. It’s not just about iron deficiency;

  • to support metabolism and waste removal and hence decalcification; calcified deposits cause a lot of mischief in our body;

  • for alkaline balance in body – hence deficiency leads to acidity and rheumatic/body ache conditions;

  • for production of proteolytic enzymes (which are proteins) – hence deficiency impairs digestion and leads to other deficiencies.

Deficiencies of Calc Phos can show up as general feeling of being unwell, headaches, weak connective tissue and bad posture, lack of muscle tone, lack of appetite, predisposition to eczema, gastric disturbances and malabsorption of food. Calc Phos 6X is specifically indicated for milk and other food allergies; to relax muscle tension, which can cause pain and instability; headaches.

Iron Phosphate (Ferrum Phos) is the major component of haemoglobin, so we think of oxygen delivery and circulation. But it is also a vital component in all muscles, brain, any organ richly supplied with blood e.g. liver, the wall of the intestine and the intestinal villi. So deficiencies can show up with symptoms of anaemia, congestive headaches, stomach infections, diarrhoea, muscle pains, disturbed sleep – and more.

This young girl’s cells may not just be “screaming out for oxygen” (her mother’s description), but perhaps more specifically for calcium and iron, for production of healthy red blood cells carrying oxygen saturated haemoglobin!

Remember biochemic tissue salt therapy is about providing the mineral(s) in potentiated form that stimulate self-healing.

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