• Ann Taylor

We need the right dose of salt

Nat Mur is sodium chloride, which is commonly called salt. But the biochemic tissue salt Nat Mur is not the same as that added to processed food or the salt you optionally flavour your food with.

Nat Mur is a microdose of sodium and chloride, not a mg or g dose. It is at a dilution that cells are able to assimilate the sodium and chloride and use these minerals for physiological function, including fluid regulation, acid-alkali balance and digestion.

Very briefly, understand that water in our bodies will follow sodium (by osmosis), so we need sodium to be able to move into and out of cells so that water can move in and out – carrying nutrients in and waste out. Ever wondered why you can drink litres of water and still feel dehydrated, fatigued and toxic? Your cells can still be dehydrated and toxic – full of metabolic waste - and not able to create energy if that water is simply accumulating in your extracellular body tissue (think of odema and high blood pressure). This property of fluid distribution has widespread effect on all mucosal tissue, such that Nat Mur can correct conditions of both extreme dryness e.g. dry mouth, lack of saliva, bad breath, dry skin condition; and extreme wetness e.g. watery colds and rhinitis.

Our cell walls have a mechanism called the sodium-potassium pump that exchanges sodium and potassium, and which is essential for regulating our acid-alkali balance. If this is dysfunctional, we become progressively more metabolically acidic – and our acidic bodies become progressively more vulnerable to dis-ease as our kidneys become less able to compensate for this acidity. You will suffer more from painful rheumatic conditions if you are too acidic and you will be on a path to chronic kidney disease.

Nat Mur is also needed for digestion (saliva, stomach acid and production of pancreatic enzymes), so a cellular deficiency leads to a cascade of digestive issues implicated in indigestion, food allergies, inflammatory gut infections and constipation.

The paradox is that excess dietary salt leads to a cellular deficiency of sodium chloride leads to cellular dysfunction and salt cravings, the message your brain gets that your cells need salt!

Instead of reaching for more salty food, we should rather reduce our dietary salt and can then use Nat Nur to satisfy our body’s need for these minerals. It has many therapeutic indications relating to faulty fluid distribution, digestion and detoxification.

The Institute of Biochemic Medicine identifies Nat Nur as a fundamental tissue salt. It is available from DHU and Pfluger, two brands that I stock. Nat Mur is not available as a Celloid or from Dr Reckeweg or Martin and Pleasance.