• Ann Taylor

The work of a functional nutritionist

This is a follow on to my previous blog about a therapeutic nutritional approach that differs from dietetics. Someone commented that many people don't know what to expect in a consultation with a functional nutritionist or naturopath, and have reservations about the length of consult and cost, not covered by Medicare or many of the private health funds. If you value your health as your best asset, then understand that this cost is an investment in protecting that asset, and we work passionately to genuinely help people thrive. This is how I work:

My work supports the holistic approach of functional medicine in assessing a person’s health status, unique health challenges, bio individual characteristics and life circumstances; and helping them resolve root causes of their health condition, as opposed to just symptom management.

I work with individual patients to help them understand their health condition, and I support them practically and empathetically to empower them to take back self-control and achieve their health goals. Most general practitioners and medical specialists do not have the training or the time to do this.

In initial consultations I collect detailed information that helps me understand the whole person and their health history, so I can consider how biological and environmental factors may be contributing to their signs and symptoms. I do further work to assess pathology blood test results for indicators of trends toward disease, not just adverse results that suggest that medical intervention is now required. I often mind map my client’s health history, symptoms and conditions to help identify interactions between possible causes and effects. I research health conditions when I need to know more. I compile information and advice in written treatment summaries to share with clients. Complex and chronic health conditions are not easily fixed, so the therapeutic relationship can involve recurring consultations or health coaching sessions. Some functional testing may be helpful, these being an additional privately paid cost.

My group clients are those who may be unable to pay these out of pocket costs, but eager to have more knowledge and support to help them make nutritional and lifestyle changes for better health outcomes, and happy to participate in group sessions or workshops. I share knowledge, information and self-help resources and offer advice that will be appropriate for most people and at a much lower cost for each participant. Serious health conditions with poorly controlled symptoms will need more individualised attention and medical support.

In planning, is a membership service with subscribers given online access to resources for a subscription fee.

For all my clients, my general therapeutic approach prioritises improving digestive function, balancing blood sugar, reducing inflammation, improving gastrointestinal flora, reducing toxin exposure and improving detoxification.

I prioritise use of wholesome food as our best medicine with selective additional quality nutritional supplementation where needed.

Does this sound like the health support you would like?

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