• Ann Taylor

Self empowered: functionally assessing my own health

I look at my blood test results from a functional perspective, also knowing about my health history and aware of signs and symptoms, and think:

My blood glucose is trending a bit high - I've previously improved my insulin response with some increased weight training - I've slackened off gym fitness and can see and feel I've lost muscle tone. So I will get back to it!

My anion gap is - unusually for me - just a bit sub-optimally high - less coffee, more green juices should help.

My cholesterol ratios are all good! High-ish LDL, but trending down, and balanced by high HDL AND my trigylcerides are low, perhaps too low - could be I am deficient in essential fatty acids, and I have a history of headaches, migraines and dry skin. I must get back to eating more sardines again, take flaxseed oil and have more extra virgin olive oil dressings on my salads.

Serum calcium and magnesium tests are not reliable, but these results suggestive of sub-optimal levels. I'll keep up with good food sources of magnesium, calcium and gut-friendly foods, support my digestion and keep my vitamin D levels up with safe sun exposure.

Alkaline phosphatase is still sub-optimally low, consistent with zinc deficiency. I'll resume the zinc, vitamin B6 and magnesium supplement, which will also help with my pyrolle disorder. My stress levels are a bit high - I am feeling a bit antsy and sleeping poorly.

My TSH is a bit low, consistent with my tendency to fast metabolism. This marker is not reliable, but I'm not too concerned as I have no signs or symptoms of abnormal thyroid function and I avoid wheat products and gluten as much as possible (gives me brain fog). I must keep up with good anti-oxidant support.

My monocytes are sub-optimally high - consistent with recovering from that infection I had.

My basophils and eosinophils are sub-optimally high as usual. Could be my allergic rhinitis or parasites. Dentist has advised that I grind my teeth, which could be due to parasites, and I do have dark shadows under my eyes. CDSA is not very reliable. Maybe just do that Parasite PowerCleanse and see what difference it makes!

I am on way to a number 10!