• Ann Taylor

Optimising one's health

Scroll down to my July 2016 blog (on the website) to remind yourself how to rate your wellness. My number, today, is 7.6 out of 10. I’m doing well with my nutrition, exercise and stress management; in the last year I’ve resolved various relationship related emotional stresses; I still need to improve how well I keep myself hydrated; but mostly struggle with consistently getting a good night’s sleep. I’ll write more about this separately.

I’m aiming for that 10/10. So, my personal goal for this year is to optimise my health, as a 50+ year young woman, even while dealing with the challenges of growing my business as a natural health FOOD FIRST practitioner. I have the support of a personal coach, a business coach, a naturopathic mentor, my husband…and my GP, who DOES believe in the healing power of food and is a partner in my health journey.

Yesterday I had a skin cancer check and general health check-up and tomorrow will have the usual blood testing done, which is the clinical way to monitor my health. The pathologist will look for abnormal blood results that may be associated with onset of disease and which potentially trigger a trail of specialist investigations. I will get a copy of my blood results, and from a functional perspective will look for suboptimal results that may suggest a trend towards a disease. Then I can take action to reverse that trend and keep my health close to optimum to be resilient. I am proactive and take responsibility for being as healthy as I can, but seek help when I need it.

If you’re interested in understanding more about what your blood test results mean and what improvements you could potentially make to feel better, even if you’re advised that your bloods are all “normal”, head to my SERVICES page for some more information and contact me to discuss the opportunity to assess your recent blood test results. I’d like to be someone who helps you take control of your health by empowering you with knowledge and support.

Let’s all aim for wellness!