• Ann Taylor

How well do you feel?

I like this simple health assessment (from On a scale of 1-10, rate each of your:

1 - level of exercise; 2 - nutrition; 3 - water consumption; 4 - quality of sleep and

5 - level of stress management. What is the average of these five answers? Where does this put you on the continuum of wellness scale?

Most of us are not going to be a perfect 10, i.e. in optimal health, most of the time, and it probably seems unrealistic, given our stressful lives, compromised food- and environmental quality and competing demands for our attention. But the trick is to AIM for a better number, make manageable changes to how we move, eat, drink, sleep and de-stress to help us feel better, then reassess ourselves and AIM HIGHER again! Intrinsic motivation then comes from feeling better and that sense of empowerment that we can take control of our health. And we should celebrate our achievements!

This was the key message of my first workshop in the Roadmap to Health series, with the added element of doing this in a group setting, because we (especially women) are social creatures who do our best stuff when we have convivial company. An added question then to consider in our subjective health rating might be: rate your quality of relationships.

These are ALL areas for continual improvement and maintenance in our individual health journeys, and it's easier when we can swap advice, share our experiences, lend support to each other, and have some fun along the way.