• Ann Taylor

Demanding a new food economy

This title is a quote from an episode of the latest Truth about Cancer series that I watched this morning. It's driven by increasing awareness of how sick modern processed and genetically modified food is making us; and people are becoming "fed up with being sick" (another quote), and with being told they are "normal".

This new food economy needs to provide us with clean, fresh food AND needs to provide our farmers with a fair price for the hard work they do and the risks they take to grow quality food for us. If you've never heard of Food Connect, have a look at their website to understand what they do up in Queensland to build healthy, happy relationships between farmers and consumers. I had the privilege of spending some time in their Brisbane warehouse a few years ago. Down here in Sydney I know about some new exciting initiatives that will, in a similar way, help pay farmers more for their produce, make even small scale fresh food production worthwhile and encourage better environmental care of our soils and natural resources. I'll keep you informed!

Meanwhile if you're not yet eating much fresh food or you're fed up with supermarket produce and/or you'd like to support farmers more, make time to shop at a farmer's market. One of my favourite suppliers is Hillview Fine Foods. If I can't get to my nearest market day, I can order a pre-packed box. Here's what I got for $35 recently! Check them out.