• Ann Taylor

Bludging or genuine need for R&R

I caught "the bug that's going around" this last week, but being self-employed had only to justify to myself my need for R&R - rest and recovery! And to reschedule client consultations. I saw a cartoon about someone phoning in sick, to which the response was if they're weren't sick enough to be in hospital, they were expected to be at work! It's a major cost penalty for businesses (especially small business) to pay for non-productive workers; and for people who lose income while being sick (especially casual workers and the self-employed). How do we cost the low productivity of poorly performed work? My headache, achy body and streaming nose made thinking and working very challenging on Thursday, so this is what I did:

treated myself with tissue salts (i.e. minerals) - refrained from drinking coffee or eating animal protein or dairy - spent some time in the sun - rested in the afternoon - made a potassium rich vegetable broth, of which I had two bowl fulls for dinner - slept with a humidifier on in the bedroom with some essential oils, with wide open windows for fresh air.

...and I woke up feeling much better. I gave myself another day (Friday) of working at home, without thrashing myself to meet any deadlines, more soup for lunch and drinking sage and peppermint tea, made with homegrown herbs. Now, Saturday, I've just come back from a bushwalk and I'm feeling revitalised. I'm very fortunate to be in the position and to have the knowledge to make these healthy choices for myself. Take away point? Nourishing nutrition, reducing stress and allowing your body to rest are extremely helpful in supporting proper functioning of your immune system.