• Ann Taylor

Something special for women's AND men's health

It’s mostly women who will come to a naturopathic clinic and open up about their health concerns and bodily functions, or visit health shops for advice.

Therefore, I’d like to launch my cyberspace outreach to MEN out there – middle-aging, many with elevated cholesterol, hypertension, prostate hyperplasia causing that night-time need to visit the bathroom (several times?), arthritic pains, perhaps undiagnosed early kidney disease or atherosclerosis with increased risk of stroke and heart disease AND often more resistant to healthy nutritional and lifestyle changes– and invite you to learn more about a product called Ateronon, or The Tomato Pill.

In brief, it’s a concentrate of bioavailable lycopene, the antioxidant found in the red colour of real food (tomatoes, guavas, ruby grapefruit etc), but especially rich in tomato concentrate. Years of research and clinical experience have validated how helpful a concentrated form of this antioxidant is, for reversing oxidative damage to blood vessels and ensuing inflammation leading to the disease conditions I’ve mentioned above. After learning about Ateronon in student clinic last year, I suggested to a friend, with prostate problems, that he try it. Within 6 weeks, he was down to only one night-time bathroom visit, his PSA is down and it’s now one of his regular supplements. While this is my case-study of one, I have references on record about higher lycopene intake associated with 55% reduced risk of strokes in men (Karppi J etal, 2012), 21%-34% reduced risk of lethal prostate cancer and slowing of the rate of PSA rise in relapsed prostate cancer (Zu K etal, 2013; Giovannucci E etal, 2002); increased flexibility of arteries (Gajendragadkar P etal, 2014), i.e. reduced risk of cardiovascular disease; and reduced oxidative damage to lipids, lipoproteins (i.e. lower total cholesterol) and DNA (Palozza P etal, 2012). Unlike statins, this is a safe supplement with no known side effects or drug interactions.

And this IS NOT just for men. This same antioxidant protection is hugely beneficial for reducing cardiovascular disease in older women, when we’ve lost the anti-inflammatory protection of oestrogen post-menopause.

You can buy Ateronon direct or from some health stores (GoVita is one), or contact me for more information. I’d love to talk too about how I could help shift you generally to a more anti-inflammatory and heart healthy Mediterranean style diet. With all the free radical damage in our bodies from toxins, stress and nutritional deficiencies in our food supply, we need all the healthful antioxidants we can get!

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