Health and Nutritional Assessments

90 minute initial consultation - $180    

I collect your detailed health history and review with you your current health status, goals, dietary and lifestyle factors, and provide some preliminary recommendations. We can discuss functional testing options too.

30 or 60 minute follow-up consultations - $85 or $125

I review test results with you where applicable and focus on providing you with specific appropriate nutritional and lifestyle advice to help you resolve underlying dysfunction and achieve your desired health improvements.


15 minute health chat - $45

We stay in contact as you ask me questions and I support you as you make your healthy changes.

Health Packages

Scope and pricing varies with offer.


Practitioner Only Products   

These are products that are only available following a consultation with an accredited natural healthcare practitioner. These are of higher quality and efficacy than over-the-counter products and supported by good quality evidence and clinical experience.

Purchase of supplements is an extra non-rebateable cost.

Note: I prioritise food and lifestyle as medicine before supplements. Money spent on better food choices is your best investment for long term health. Patient Ordering    

For your convenience, I can prescribe your supplements for you to order directly from for home delivery.

Book: One Bite At A Time

The authors reveal the burden of toxicity we are exposed to through our food and drinks as a consequence of genetic modification of seeds; the industrialisation of food production; agricultural practices and widespread use of pesticides and herbicides like glyphosate; and the contamination of drinking water; BUT also provide comprehensive tips for reducing toxic exposure and building resilience to cope with these physiological stressors.