This program consists of significantly reducing or eliminating processed and inflammatory foods for four weeks, instead eating clean, hypoallergenic food supplemented with a high quality vitamin and mineral fortified rice- and pea protein formula.


Then you gradually reintroduce foods and, if necessary, learn what foods to avoid or how to rotate food groups to maintain a healthy and delicious variety of foods while minimising effects of food intolerances.

Reducing inflammatory foods and digestive stress and improving liver function in this way enables weight-loss, better sleep, and heightened sense of wellness. 


The One-on-One Program

Your own personalised Total Body Reset program comprising:

  • 1 X 90 minutes initial consultation PLUS

  • 2 X 30 minutes follow-up consultations PLUS

  • 3 X 15 minutes follow-up phone calls

Health investment of $550* with instalment payments OR

15% discounted cost of $467* if paid in full at initial consultation.

 *excludes cost of supplements and own consumables.

This program personalised for you and YOUR health goals, YOUR gut type and digestive function, food sensitivities, lifestyle and practical considerations.


$467 payable at initial consultation for 15% discount OR

instalment payments of $220 initial plus 2 X $165 at 30 minute follow-up consultations.

“ MediRestore is really good for my stomach.  In fact I feel that I now don't get such a tight bloated stomach.

CBF, New Zealand, Feb 2019


“Since using MediRestore, I feel a lot more alive, I sleep better, my guts feel better.
I like to use it after exercise – it lifts me energetically”

Brett, Berowra, Dec 2018

The One-on-One Program
The Group Program


  • 4 X 2 hour group sessions

  • with four (min) to eight (max) participants

  • meeting fortnightly

  • over 8 weeks

  • includes food demonstrations and tastings and generous sharing of information resources.

Cost: $320* for 4 sessions paid in full with registration.

* excludes cost of MediRestore

* excludes contribution to travel costs TBA


$50 deposit required to confirm your booking plus

3 instalment payments of $90 + contribution to travel cost at the first 3 group sessions

15% discount offered to a participant who hosts a group at their home.