Blood tests are a valuable tool for identifying the presence of disease and functional disorders, BUT you generally only get told you have a problem when your results are abnormal i.e. when you already have a “disease”.


A functional blood analyses considers sub-optimal blood test results that help identify possible early stages of dysfunction, so you can take early action to prevent chronic disease developing.

Functional blood analyses for people who care about their future good health

How well are you really?

Benefits of functional blood analyses:

  • reveals clues to your past and present health status

  • identifies patterns that may be suggestive of a developing chronic condition

  • indicates possible sources or causes of dysfunction

  • helps identify opportunities to reverse trends towards disease

  • helps identify need for individualized treatments

  • tracks the restoration of healthy function.

 By preventing disease, your personal and the community healthcare costs

decrease and our functionality and wellness increase.

“Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” 

                                                Josh Billings