I run workshops or group sessions to provide health support at a more affordable cost to participants. I share knowledge, advice and resources to help group members achieve their health goals. Sessions are interactive, supportive and fun, with food tastings and take-home samples.

This is an eight week program of four fortnightly sessions through which I guide you to identify foods causing you inflammation and then help you to plan a food rotation strategy to maintain a nutritious and delicious variety of foods while minimising effects of food intolerances.


Reducing digestive stress and improving liver function enables weight-loss, better sleep and a heightened sense of wellness. 

$320 pp for 4 X 2 hr min

group size 4-8

This is a series of four 60-90 minute sessions, where we learn to acknowledge fatigue, understand our stress response, how cellular energy production becomes dysfunctional and effects of hormonal and immune dysregulation with chronic fatigue. 

$45 pp per session

group size 4

I collaborate with other natural health practitioners in developing and presenting workshops to share knowledge, motivate and provide support for achieving better health.


Past workshops include:

* Understanding diabetes

* Reducing risks of Alzheimers Disease

* Healthy living products and services

* Let's juice your hypertension away

POA, usually $45 pp for 90 min, incl catering