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20 Sep 2019

Nat Mur is sodium chloride, which is commonly called salt. But the biochemic tissue salt Nat Mur is not the same as that added to processed food or the salt you optionally flavour your food with.

Nat Mur is a microdose of sodium and chloride, not a mg or g dose. It is a...

17 Sep 2019

Many people first experiencing the unpleasant symptoms of gastric reflux will usually be advised, medically, about pharmaceutical treatment options for symptom control, but be given no or minimal information about underlying causes and the opportunity to resolve these...

22 Aug 2019

Continuing the theme of food sensitivity, let me be a bit provocative: perhaps how you eat and who you eat with is more important than what you eat?

Consider this example:

Last week I had an adverse gut reaction after eating a standing lunch at a seminar event: chicken a...

17 Jul 2019

I don’t recall any issues with any food I ate as a child, before I left home. At university I just got very podgy eating too many slices of Cape seed bread, peanut butter and honey at Wednesday lunch time in the residence dining hall (the other food was very ordinary)....

9 Jul 2019

Increasing numbers of people are experiencing adverse reactions to food, may be self-diagnosing or paying for different types of testing and then being confused or overwhelmed by test results. Some people may end up eating a very limited variety of foods for too long,...

25 Jun 2019

What’s not to like about Robert Redford – my Hollywood crush, great-looker, great actor, great director, and environmentalist. As reported in Time magazine May 13 2019, he outlines that as much as he care’s deeply about issues like “collusion, obstruction of justice, i...

24 Jun 2019

Most people like apples; this dish is very easy to make; and here I give you good reasons to make this - best with chemical free apples - for eating as a delicious and health-some gut friendly food! 

Recipe: 4-6 serves

  • 6 fresh, unsprayed and unwaxed apples

  • ...

7 Feb 2019

This is a follow on to my previous blog about a therapeutic nutritional approach that differs from dietetics. Someone commented that many people don't know what to expect in a consultation with a functional nutritionist or naturopath, and have reservations about the le...

15 Jan 2019

Should you see a dietician or a nutritionist?

It’s confusing to the public. Here in Australia a dietitian with a qualification in dietetics can also call themselves a nutritionist, but someone qualified in naturopathy or nutritional medicine or other tertiary nutrition...

13 Nov 2018

I have a special interest in understanding root causes of fatigue because of the toll it’s taking on family members, friends and clients in clinic. We all experience fatigue at times for different reasons. How well we recover our energy and sense of well-being depends...

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