Ann Taylor

Adv. Dip. Nut. Med

BSc, MSc (chemical engineering)

ATMS member 29732

Hi, I'm Ann

Founder and director of Sunnyside Health & Wellbeing.


I am an ex-chemical engineer and environmental consultant, who went on to study nutritional medicine to empower myself to resolve health issues for myself and my family. My goal now, as a functional nutritionist, is to help others maintain or recover their health and resilience through life-supporting nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits.

Why do I do this?

I do what I do because I care deeply about the human condition, our natural and built environment, all of which is compromised by neglect, degradation, pollution, toxic chemicals, lack of "Ubuntu" - compassion  and humanity towards others.  I aspire to be part of a regenerative community that collaborates to help restore community connectivity and healthy resilience and the quality of natural resources that our lives depend on. 

I am motivated by a vision of individuals and families, across the socio-economic divide, empowered to take back control of their health and well being. 

What do I do?

In private consultations, I assess your health in detail:

  • taking account of individual genetic susceptibilities, environmental toxicity, health history, personal circumstances and nutritional status

  • using analytical skills, systems thinking and attention to detail to assess health from a functional perspective

  • advising on strategies to reverse physiological dysfunction and a trend towards disease

  • individualising YOUR treatment for YOUR health goals.

In group workshops, I share knowledge, nourishing food, resources and interactive fun to facilitate supportive interconnections between individuals facing similar challenges.

In Hands Up 4 Health, I co-ordinate a collaboration of natural health care practitioners who are supporting each other to thrive in practice and to reach out and help more people in our communities more effectively.

My philosophy?

  • optimise one’s nutritional foundation with smart use of wholesome foods, including fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, digestible proteins and healthy fats, with quality nutritional supplements as appropriate

  • therapeutically use functional foods and high quality supplements if needed to correct biochemical imbalances that impair normal healthy physiological function

  • do regular exercise for physical and mental well being

  • implement mindful stress management practices

  • reduce exposure to toxins.


My special interests?

  • resolving fatigue

  • improving gastrointestinal health and nutrient absorption

  • reducing inflammation

  • improving liver function and detoxification

  • reducing toxicity

  • functional blood analyses

  • mineral tissue salt therapies.

Wouldn't you love better health, naturally?