Making it easier for you to be healthier, naturally

Hi, I'm Ann​


I've always had a passion for being healthy and living well and caring about - and for a beautiful natural environment and the people that make communities thrive. Now I am working professionally to help people maintain and restore their health and well being, as naturally as possible.


Life is challenging, and staying healthy seems to have become ever more complicated. 

  • Do you know what healthy feels like?

  • Do you have healthy digestion and gut flora

  • Are you feeling anxious, moody or stressed?

  • Do you feel toxic and tired?

  • Are you confused about how to make healthy food choices?

  • Do you think healthier food options are too expensive?

Disease begins in the gut - and healing best starts by addressing digestive and gut disorders.
You are only as well as your nutrient status - what you are able to digest and absorb and utilise.
Stressed minds create stressed guts and vice versa.
Fatigue is epidemic.
Processed supermarket food, fast food, takeaways and commercial food production is cheaper, more convenient, but is slowly killing us.
Medical costs for chronic ill health, are NOT cheap or convenient.
How healthy do you want to be?

“I have spent a couple of pleasant hours with Ann Taylor on my road to better health. Ann has always been encouraging and supportive, and her insights into the body's systems and how they all inter-relate has been a revelation.”

RB, Berowra, 2018-2019

“I have known Ann for several years now and have found her to be extremely professional and enthusiastic about using food and natural approaches for healing and maintaining health.  She is a wealth of knowledge and keeps up to date with the latest research.  Ann is also a good listener and this makes time spent with her very beneficial.”

Barbara, Hornsby, Jan 2019

“Thank you first of all for an hour and a half of your time, care, interest, knowledge and concern yesterday. It does make such a difference - to walk out feeling like a cared for human being, rather than a chip that doesn’t fit existing models!”

Elizabeth, Hornsby, Jan 2019

This is what I offer

I assess your health from a functional perspective and look for root causes of dysfunction. Helpful functional testing can be arranged if appropriate.


My advice focuses on helping you restore a foundation of excellent nutrition, with biochemic tissue salt therapy as needed, and lifestyle changes that can help you become healthier, naturally.

$45 - $180

consultation fees

I support you through a 6-12 week gentle detox that avoids inflammatory foods, improves liver health and gut health. This program reduces digestive stress and helps you identify the best and worst foods for you.

This is a Research Nutrition program using MediRestore Ultra low allergen protein and nutritional supplement for once a day meal replacement.  I help you with meal planning and shopping strategies for other meals. 

$467-$550 package

excl. supplements

I coach you through a 6 month health program when you'd like more intensive, longer term support to transform your health. I work with you to resolve inflammation, dysregulated blood sugar and hormones, digestive symptoms, compromised liver, immune dysfunction, stress and fatigue. 

We'll agree on the scope and delivery of this program to give you the support you need.This package offers you a free session at the six month mark. It's my gift to you for your commitment to achieving your health goals with consistent healthy changes.


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