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Supporting individuals and families to navigate healthy eating, therapeutic
food choices and lifestyle habits for resilient health and wellbeing

I am an accredited private practice nutritionist, with special interest in whole-of-community wellness.
I offer comprehensive health assessments and therapeutic advice for individuals with specific health issues;
foundational nutritional and meal planning advice for families

With the busy-ness and challenges of modern life, does staying healthy seem to have become ever so complicated?

Are you...

  • Too busy or tired to have time or inclination to plan weekly meals, shop and prepare wholesome foods?

  • Confused about how to make healthy meal and food choices?

  • Frustrated with the marketing push to use supplements for personal and family health?

  • Affected by antibiotic medication that has adversely disturbed your gut microbiome?

  • Affected by food intolerances causing you discomfort or harm?

  • On a restricted diet and concerned about your nutritional intake?

  • Feeling anxious, moody and stressed?

  • Feeling toxic and tired?

  • Wanting to eat well and enjoy food?

I would like to help you and/or your family get back to a balanced nutritional foundation and enjoy diverse and wholesome meals that nourish your body, mind and soul so you can have more resilience, joy and vitality.

How would you assess your wellness right now? 

How healthy do you want to be?

Dr Seuss wisdom: “Step with care and great tact, and remember Life is a Great Balancing Act”.

We have so much to juggle – self-care; family care; community care; home care; professional commitments; significant relationships – and may have real concerns about our present and future security – fearful about finances, health matters, future prospects perhaps.

Adverse effects of too much stress include mood and sleep disorders, disturbed gut function and impaired immunity. We all need a strategy for coping with stress and supporting our body’s healthy physiological response to stress.

Being connected, living purposefully, supporting others and being supported ourselves is key to this strategy.

Good nutritional and lifestyle choices and resolving mineral deficiencies gives us the biochemical functionality to be resilient and to function well.

FREE download: Some general health goals for self-help

Let me help you to make it easier to be healthier, naturally

Hello, my name is Ann​

Welcome to Sunnyside Health and Wellbeing.

I am an ex-chemical engineer and waste management consultant turned nutritionist BECAUSE I wanted to resolve family health problems in a more benign way than pharmacologically driven medicine or dependence on long lists of supplements. I wanted us to be well by eating real nourishing  foods grown by ethical, environmentally responsible farmers, and living sensibly.


Now I am able to share my knowledge, experience, skills and passion for wholesome living with others who want help to be healthier in these busy, modern times.


My services include:

  • Weekly meal plan design with supporting resources for busy folk

  • Holistic health assessments

  • Advice on therapeutic foods for specific health conditions

  • Advice on how to use biochemic tissue salts to remedy mineral deficiencies

Adv. Dip. Nut Med, ATMS,
MSc (chem eng), BSc (chem eng)

​Through my professional work and personal day-to-day life, I am contributing to a regenerative community that makes the connection between how clean is our environment (air, water, soil); how our food is grown, processed and made available to us; how we interact as a community, and the state of our health and well-being.


Over the past few years, I have worked with individuals with diverse health concerns, some males, but mainly women 40+ with concerns about weight, fatigue, hormones, food intolerances, muskulo-skeletal and skin issues, auto-immune conditions and more; plus parents of teenage children with dietary challenges.

Taking a comprehensive health history so often reveals factors contributing to - or specific triggers for onset of - symptoms and progression of dis-ease, which otherwise goes unnoticed, untreated and unresolved until the dysfunction becomes medically significant. It may then become a choice to be treated medically for life or commit to making changes that will help your body return to a healthier state that can be sustained more naturally.

I assess health from a functional and holistic perspective, that considers how body systems interact with each other and what blood test markers suggest about how sub-optimal health may be (at time of testing), considering a narrower range of healthy ideal results.

I help my clients recognise and understand conditions adversely affecting their health and provide structured advice for action they can take to help resolve these underlying factors and reverse progression to disease.


I assess signs and symptoms of dis-ease for associated mineral deficiencies, widespread in our soils, our food and hence ourselves, and provide remedies using Schussler biochemic tissue salts, that can be  taken safely by all ages from babies to the elderly.

Sometimes the most beneficial intervention has simply been explaining why, where and how to source cleaner foods and to make meal planning and preparation simpler and hence more sustainable.

My special interests are:

  • Improving gastrointestinal health and nutrient absorption

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Improving liver function and detoxification

  • Reducing toxin exposure and toxicity

  • Improving immune health

  • Resolving fatigue

I ask detailed questions about health history, present concerns and health goals.

I use my knowledge, life and clinical experience and critical thinking skills to investigate health conditions as needed and offer a deeper understanding of factors contributing to health status.

I appreciate how invested my clients are in their and/or their family health and wellbeing and I will partner with them to achieve their goals.

With wisdom, compassion and humour, I work with my clients to help them find their way, as naturally as possible, to destination good health!

Let’s have an initial chat to discover if you and I are a good team fit.
Call me for a free no-obligation 15-minute Discovery Chat.

Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air and remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be [Gossip Girl]

Become a client

We start with that free chat about your health concern and what I can offer to help you. 

I collate your detailed health history and your health goals.

We agree on a plan and I support you with follow up consultations or a tailored health coaching program.


We start with that free chat about your nutritional needs and challenges.

I review dietary habits, preferences and goals.

We agree on a meal planning strategy, with food choices, shopping and meal preparation tips and resources.

Let’s get back to basics: simple before complex!

I've helped others

“I have spent a couple of pleasant hours with Ann Taylor on my road to better health. Ann has always been encouraging and supportive, and her insights into the body's systems and how they all inter-relate has been a revelation.”

RB, Berowra, 2018-2019

“Thank you first of all for an hour and a half of your time, care, interest, knowledge and concern yesterday. It does make such a difference - to walk out feeling like a cared for human being, rather than a chip that doesn’t fit existing models!”

Elizabeth, Hornsby, Jan 2019

“I have known Ann for several years now and have found her to be extremely professional and enthusiastic about using food and natural approaches for healing and maintaining health.  She is a wealth of knowledge and keeps up to date with the latest research.  Ann is also a good listener and this makes time spent with her very beneficial.”

Barbara, Hornsby, Jan 2019

Thank you to you Ann, as I have found your advice very helpful and practical. You went the extra mile to help me and your recommendations were well considered and professionally presented in written form. In particular, your recommendation to purchase a copy of Jeremy Dixon's cookbook ‘Cook:30: Create Delicious Wholefood Plant-Based Meals from Scratch in Just 30 Minutes’ worked so well for me. I have really enjoyed making many of the healthy and delicious meals and it has improved my cooking skills and given me more confidence in the kitchen. In the last 12 months I have had the best overall health I have experienced since becoming extremely unwell in 2001.


Emma, New Zealand, August 2020

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything
[Thomas Carlyle, 1795-1831]


But let's talk about YOU

Send me an email message that tells me a bit about what help YOU
need right now and we can arrange an initial no obligation chat
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mobile:        0403961775

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